Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tips On How To Look Thinner

Each of you should know that regular exercise and a healthy diet that will either keep your body in shape. But how many of you actually strictly follow this routine? I can say that many are not diligent, there are too many things in life that keep you busy and do not have the extra effort to keep the shape of the body you want. You are aware of how they look at you in front of others what you are afraid of judgment or ridicule from their friends. So what can you do? The answer is to make you look thinner, without actually getting thinner.

1) Use a dark colored clothing

Is that optical illusion? None of us know, but somehow, the black color is almost always worked. It has a slimming effect and make it not only look thinner, but also elegant. You will be surprised at the impact. Not just black, usually wear dark colors like gray or dark blue will do the trick as well, it depends on how you can combine the colors around to cover the defect and carry out parts of their bodies with confidence. Of course, you can not fool all the people and clothes dark color because it will only make you look a little thinner or disguise its shortcomings, this plan could backfire if you are wearing dark clothes, a little tight fit as carry out the contours of your body, so choose wise.

2) Let your shirt untucked

Yes, I know it would look a little odd with clothes hanging down and cover the waist, but she was fine. Leaving his shirt untucked reduce the effects of contour and stick to your problem areas.

3) Maintain good posture

We can always talk about how the clothes will change the way they appear, how colors play tricks on the eyes, how you can mix everything and wear the right clothes, however, are the fundamentals and basic concepts that people tend to ignore and guilt. In this case, it is to have proper posture. If you bend over constantly, spine curved forward and thereby create a layer in the womb. What's worse than having a flat stomach? Has a padded belly and bigger. Do not do it, avoid slouching, standing tall and confident, you become high, which means a little bit more, you appear more confident and will be slightly hidden defects.

4) Avoid carrying extra stuff in your pocket

Try not to put their cell phones, et cetera tissue paper or wallets in their pockets because they make you look great on the body size of the original. Keep your belongings in a bag or vehicle and reduce the burden on their pockets.

5) Change the focus

Too often, many people dress nicely, but without a key or additional factors that make you stand out. For women, it can be accessories such as jewelry, necklace or makeup that attract unwanted attention from your problem areas. For men, perhaps a classic watch or a pair of shoes can make all the difference dazzling. Key elements play a very important role in diverting attention and make you unique; which can be a topic of discussion during socialization.

Do not be discouraged if you feel down and out of your body, make a little change, do something, and see how much difference it makes. Taking a little time off? Go for a short workout, change your diet a little. If you put in the effort to dress himself properly and choose the right clothes, you can look too thin. Of course, the advice given in this article may not apply to everyone, but certainly hope that one of the two pointers can actually be something you think about during their spare time. It is time for change, time to look a little different.